Cromer in Winter

It may be cold, but walk down those stairs along the promenade down the pier and into the Pavilion Theater and have a warm mug of hot chocolate. Or, book a tickets for the Performing arts theater.

Cromer Pier


Cromer Pier 3


The starlings will point you in the right direction.

Starlings in Cromer Nov 2017


The surfers are patiently waiting a wave.

There is nothing more invigorating than a walk in the fresh air and a cup of hot chocolate.





Canada 2017 …A dream come true! by guest Don Campbell

In June 2017, we set off for a dream holiday in Canada.

We first met up with Geri & Mike in Heathrow’s departure lounge on Sat 10th June – Our plan was to fly out together. It was such a pleasure to meet up again after being apart for so long. They both looked very good despite an overnight flight from South Africa.




By 4.30pm (Canada time) we landed at Pearson Airport in Toronto after seven hours in the air and marvelled at our first glimpses of the city dominated by the CN Tower.



Our 1st Hotel beckoned us for a good night’s sleep before leaving for Sudbury which was going to be our base for the next couple of weeks or so. However, before leaving Toronto, we first had so sample a little bit of South Africa in Toronto.

2c Bokkie's Toronto

2 The Hilton Toronto

Having stocked up on Biltong we set off on the 200 odd mile trip from Toronto to Sudbury. The scenery was breathtaking. Rocky outcrops; trees and lakes and rivers in what seemed to be a never-ending countryside stretching out as far as the eye could see but our host had another of the many surprises he had up his sleeve in store for us – in the middle of nowhere – the French River Trading Post. Set up by the first Nation of Canada and owned by descendants of the original Indian tribes, they stocked almost everything the tourist could need from souvenirs, local clothing and blankets and, of course, footwear in particular – moccasins. Our host fitted us all with a pair of moccasins for comfort around the house.


3 French River Trading Post

Next stop – Sudbury where we visited Dynamic Earth (a living mining Museum) & the Science Museum; went sailing on Lake Ramsey: not to forget the all important National Railway Museum – all of which were absolutely breathtaking and well worth a visit






2a 6077

The surprises seemed to get bigger and bigger. In only one small part of Canada there was just so much! But then ….

We set off to a village called Killarney on the banks of Lake Huron to the Killarney Mountain Lodge. Just another lake? No ways! This was breathtaking.




We also called into a small town called Copper Cliff – one look at the colour of the river and the name becomes obvious.  STP67200Here, for lunch, we went into the typical “American” type Diner – like one sees in the movies. It was great. No airs or graces, just good food: good service and a smile. Superb!




All too soon, it was time for us to head back to Toronto for a couple of days before we were due to fly home. We boarded our flight in Sudbury and headed for Toronto’s “Island” Airport quite literally an island.

1 CN Tower

Our base was the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Toronto within walking distance of both the CN Tower and the Dome – home of the “Toronto Blue Jays”. We were headed for our very first game of Baseball!


Following morning we boarded our mini bus which headed for the famous Niagara Falls. I have seen many pictures of the Falls but they have never shown the immensity and power you witness when you are right there. The immensity simply is astounding!


That evening we finished off our holiday with a trip to the CN Tower and dinner in the restaurant.




Canada is awesome! Yet, we have only seen one small part.

We’ll always remember that wonderful holiday in Canada.


Son in the sun..


Donni Rust thinking about his trip to SA.

This is a photo of my son taken in England last week. At this moment he is enjoying himself in sunny South Africa.

He arrived in Cape Town with nothing but an empty bag . Already he has bought, camping equipment, Texan steak the size of a breadboard and a tent having opted to camp and not stay in the pre-booked hotel.

His intention is to enjoy the HEAT, wear the least amount of clothes (no surprise there, he is The Naked Busker after all),  eat big steaks and visit friends.

I can’t wait to read these stories.






I have decided to make a concerted effort to try my hand at photography and will create a new blog to record my efforts.

Not in any big way but just so I can have a platform or a place to store my best photos.

I have always loved taking pictures but over the years I’ve had many different hobbies that my poor hubby simply smiles at my words ‘my next hobby’.

I will create a new blog and call it ‘Stop The Car!’ I know this title will get a smile from my hubby as I forever scream these words down his ear in the middle of heavy traffic or, one I do remember.  We were travelling on a particularly dangerous road. Diving up to the top of Sani pass in Lesotho. We were surrounded by sheer cliffs and the road was a single track. A hair raising experience. Oh but the scenery was awesome!  But we didn’t stop.

I don’t have a fancy camera, in fact I don’t have a camera. I have a mobile phone.

I hope I have a few passengers on this trip and I receive some criticism on the journey.

How sad.

I feel very sorry for my friends and family living in South Africa with all the electricity  outages. Or as my Facebook friends describe this,  previously lit.

I known that If I was still living in SA I would accept it and work round it, but I still feel sorry for them.

One never knows what the future holds. Maybe, England will see the same fate in years to come. Then we will learn from SA.