Well, my long lie in bed this morning didn’t last long. Don, my husband, has far too much energy. Needless to say, we were out riding our bikes; that’s bicycles not motorbikes, before my brain was fully awake.
My bike is new, I only manage to ride when the weather let’s me. It has 18 gears of which I know 6. It’s a learning curve…long learning curve!
We live in a beautiful English village and the countryside was starting to show some colour after the much colder than usual winter. The wild, bright yellow daffodils have sprouting up along the road side. The birds were singing, or scurrying in the undergrowth looking for the last remaining morsel.
The early birds got all the worms. LOL…. Well I thought it was funny.
I digress. Today is a lovely sunny day. Not warm, but not too cold either. As we have lived in the village for near on a decade and have pretty much explored most of the footpaths and back roads, we decided to go further afield. Three hours later we stopped for tea at a much appreciated watering hole. Do see Don enjoying the sunshine?

Don soaking up the sunshine.

Don soaking up the sunshine.

Wow! When we finally arrived home, I was, for lack of a better word, knackered.  I have no idea how many miles we rode, but our destination was always, just round the next corner. My boda was sore, my nose was cold, my head was itchy from the helmet and my bed was still waiting for me.

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