I know, without a doubt that most women or certainly the majority of women, constantly think of their weight.

THE WOMAN WITH A PERFECT WELL TONED, HEALTHY BODY she constantly denies having to do anything to keep her awesome  shape. Claims to eat anything and how much she wants. She loves the body she’s in.

Could it be, she loves going to the gym and as she is ‘hooked’ on the adrenalin and if she tried to stop, her body would go into adrenalin shock. I’ve  seen this happen. They become irritable,  you eat more sugary things and when you start putting on weight; which is inevitable you go into a state of depression. Then the medical bill add up. Antidepressants,  sleeping tablets and what ever.

THE WOMAN WHO IS TOO SKINNY she doesn’t eat well and she looks sick. She is lifeless, mooCy, walks round with slumped shoulders and is always claiming to feel sick. Could it be that her ‘brain’ won’t acknowledge that she’s hungry so when told to eat more and better,  she believes she is as she eats when ever hungry? Plus she couldn’t careless.

WOMAN WHO IS  FAR TOO SKINNY but look in the mirror and see an overweight body. I can’t even comment as this is for the experts. I just hope a loved one makes the right decision to get her help.

WOMAN WHO IS  COMFORTABLY COVERED she still talks constantly about her body and how difficult it is to avoid putting on weight and it is a constant up hill battle for her to look good.

I could go on and on with all the different scenarios of women and their weight. I’m sure there are women who do wake up in the morning with thoughts other than their bodies in minds, but me, I’m not one of them.

I got married when I was 19 years old and I had a body to die for. I was a 5′ 8″ model. I never gave body weight a second thought and I enjoyed my food. Finding clothes was a case of walking into a store and walking out with an easy choice. I was fit, loved my yoga, playing tennis and keeping my wonderful husband happy. My first daughter was born when I was 20 years old, and I continued to model. My second daughter was born when I was 22 years old and I stopped modeling to look after my family and my life was rosie. At 27 years my beautiful son was born. My body was still perfect and I had no sign of what was to come. I’m the youngest girl in a family of 5 girls and 4 boys and there was no hint there.

When I was in my forties I woke up one morning looked in the mirror and thought, when did I start putting on weight? I didn’t like what I saw. And that is all history now.

Seventeen years later, my every waking thought is my weight. I have tried every diet, meal plan and read and taken all the advise given. I have spent money and more money. I eat healthy, I ride my bicycle and have only recently given up yoga after a lifetime.

So what’s next.

We all face our weight foes from our own angle. I have no answer, if I did, I would have the perfect body. Is it the food manufactures, or the job stress or just life in general. It’s not lack of money as I see rich famous people battling with their weight.

Or is it life?


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