Do you have artificial sweetner in your coffee?

I do! I have a very sweet tooth. So, when I eventually gave up my three spoons of sugar in a mug of coffee, I needed to find an artificial equivalent.  I went through them all eventually accepting Splen …..can I say the name? Oh well. Splenda.

I now have three Splenda tablets in my coffee or tea, and have done for, easily, fifteen years. I have recently read that aspartame  (the main ingredient) is unhealthy, bad for you and has many side effects. I have read far to much on the net, and my brain is totally bogged down with conflicting information. Help!

I’m now following a low carb  diet and have been advised to use,  as a substitute for sugar ‘Stevia’. But, my first search, on the stated – it was bad for you!

I really need to investigate further, but I would appreciate any advice.


Please leave a Reply with any thoughts. Thanks

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