Braai not barbaque

Today we went to a lekker braai. Well that’s what the invitation read, It was my school friend’s 60th birthday. I can hear you  now, asking what is a braai. A braai is a South African barbecue. Braaivlies, roughly translated as fried meat. The differences between the two are  slight, apart from both held  out side, going to a braai you would wear, TShirt, shorts, flops (the rubber type) or tackles (trainers ) and definitely a hat, to shade your head from the scorching sun. A barbecue would be denims, jumper, socks and trainers and maybe a coat or jacket, to protection you from the cold.

We live in England and this is where the confusion comes in. How easy is it to have a braai in England?

Now that looks good. Use fingers only!

Now that looks good. Use fingers only!

It rained hard today. It was cold and wet. The guests moved inside, outside and back inside before tucking it to the yummy spread. And the meat; oh there is nothing better than braai cooked meat! Did it matter that it rained? No! Because it’s not the country, the clothes or the weather that determines how you enjoy yourself – and it’s not the drink. It’s the people and if you want the have a good time, no matter what, you just suck it up and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the company, the excitement of the day and all the hard work that has gone into making the special day a success.

Let’s face it, you only turn 60 once.


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