Mobility scooter maniac.

So it has finally happened. An old age pensioner on a mobility scooter has knocked a whole family off the pavement, and, didn’t stop. A mother with a toddler and pushing a baby was forced off the pavement. The toddler received a grazed knee and the baby fell and grazed his face. A hit and… scoot?

How's my driving?

How’s my driving?

This is is not the first time this has happened. I saw a man walking his dog side step a speeding maniac on a mobility scooter. The lady just waved her arm over her head. I was standing in the bus shelter and when the gentleman approached I was horrified to see, that he was an elderly gentleman. He was not very complementary in his choice of words.

In our village, we have a couple who insist on driving two-abreast on the main road. When a car tries to overtake, they, or one of them, moves further into the middle of the road. Riding your bicycle is murder if you come upon them. I even seen a road rage, or pavement rage, in the local café. Two elderly gentlemen having a go at each other caused quite a crowd. I’m sure I heard someone shout with great excitement. ‘Fight!.’
You can gather there’s not much excitement in our little village.

So, where are they suppose to drive? Well, there are very strict rules and it all depends on the size and class of the scooter.

Controlled display.

Controlled display.

Class 3 vehicles can travel on the road but must drive in the direction of the traffic. They must follow the rules of the road, concerning other drivers and vehicles. They must be cautious. The speed limit on the road is 8mph or 12km/h. That is an accident just waiting to happen! Travelling on the roads at night they must have lights on, and travel in the direction of the traffic. Another accident waiting to happen!

Class 2 users must travel on the pavements, and if there are no pavements, travel on the road; not forgetting the rules of the road. On the pavement the speed limit is 4 mph or 6km/h or anywhere near pedestrians. Pedestrians have priority on pavements as some pavement users might not hear the scooter approaching or, might not be able to jump out of the way quickly enough -as in the case with the elderly gentleman walking his dog.

When someone is sold a mobility scooter, a free driving course is available. I don’t think this is enough. They are a road and pavement hazard. They might follow the rules but their attitude is rude and inconsiderate. The police should have a mobility scooter blitz and use a few examples to shake these “ I’m more superior to you”, hazards of the pavements.


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