Romantic Outback

The Australian out back has always stimulated the romantic side of me. The ranch life. It’s no mystery for as a young girl my favourite author was Lucy Walker. Or should that be author-ess. With today’s emancipation of women I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Come to think about it, I don’t call myself an author-ess, so I’ll leave it at favourite author.

As a young girl I loved reading. I also became a true romantic from this age. So its all Lucy Walker’s doing.

Today I still love reading Outback romance stories. Of cause, with my electronic reader, I have hundreds of unread books still waiting. Unfortunately, I haven’t any Lucy Walker as my particular reader is limited.

I now have other hobbies on the go, and writing my own romantic novels brings me right back to my romantic youth.


Please leave a Reply with any thoughts. Thanks

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