Another ouch.

Back to yoga for the first time in three months. I’m so unfit and ache all over. 

I do enjoy my yoga but sometimes the thought of putting myself through an hour of twisting and turning not to mention the balancing. I have no balance so I have to do the posture quickly to avoiding falling over. I’m worried that if I do fall, I may not get up.

 But that’s because I’m so unfit.

Not now Doodles!

Not now Doodles!

Once I’m at my fittest, i just know I’ll enjoy it again.  and that is providing I have plenty radox in my bath. I’ve done yoga for close on twenty years, and I still ache two days later.



I could always through in the towel and take up some other form of exercise. I have a cross trainer in the front room. No that is a waste of money. I do enjoy riding my bicycle, but the weather is not always kind to me. I can’t walk – i have wonky knees. I guess it will just have to be yoga.


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