This is not political just my own humble opinion.

I lived in SA for 30 years, Rhodesia, Zambia before that.

I’m not surprised that Madiba can not die in peace. He was a saviour in the eyes of his people. But, unfortunately that is what is happening at the moment.

Saviour to his people.

Saviour to his people.

He has done all he could do for his people. Madiba sacrificed years of his life for his family and now they fight over where to bury him. He had already decided where he wanted to be buried, but they will not honour his wish. Why?
The doctors have said let him go in peace. PEACE his very own mantra.

What his family are doing is criminal. The church, the doctors and the government want this great hero given the honour and respect he greatly deserves. Let him go peacefully to his maker.

His maker has waited for weeks now. Don’t dishonour him any longer.

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