I need a new bicycle saddle.

♫♫ Oh what a beautifully morning, oh what a beautiful day, I have a beautiful feeling
♫ everything’s going my ………..
Today we went on a bike ride. I packed our water bottles, oranges and apples. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Just like the song.
Not happy to take the easy way and ride on the tarred road, Don, my best friend, and hubby of 38 years headed onto a foot path – a country shortcut. Just imagine the scene. In England we have had the most beautiful weather and so the sudden growth of weeds is beyond belief. So thick was the growth, at places one couldn’t really see the foot path and lurking behind the thick undergrowth what lay in wait? … dreaded stinging nettles (U. dioica); hundreds of them. And I mean huge thick bushes just at ankle to knee height waiting to scratch any bare ankles of any unsuspecting idiot stupid enough ride through them. Ouch ouch!
The path was obliterated by overgrowth, I was busy trying to avoid going into the ditch while keeping a beady eye open for any doggie poop left by some considerate dog walker and then, the nettles attack The initial pain: the terrible itch: the desire to scratch your skin off! I fell off my bike, into the bush and just managing to miss both nettles and fresh doggie poop. (See? There’s still luck – even in misfortune) However, I was laughing so much – I have no idea why. And where was Don? Yards ahead watching me and holding the ready picked dock leaf – nature’s immediate remedy. Such a gentleman.

Happily we then proceeded along the road. Slow gentle ride, the sun on my face, slight breeze through my hair not a care in the World. And then it starts. Sore bum! My bike is only two years old and living in the UK I’ve only ridden a few times but the saddle is terrible uncomfortable, actually it’s crap and far too small for my bottom. On second thoughts, perhaps there is no luck in misfortune after all!

I’m not going to elaborate at this time but suffice to say the day did not go entirely
♫ ♪ …..my way



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