Off to explore ….more of the UK.

Most of you know that having lived in the UK for only 10 years, I have many places still to see. So once again my hubby and I set off for a couple of nights in bed & breakfast hotels.

Originally we were going to take our bikes with us. But, the weather was not in our favour.

Our first stop was Lincoln Cathedral. The finest Gothic Cathedral in Europe. I could simply copy and paste the brochure but I would rather tell you in my own few words.
Lincoln Cathedral
The outside walls Across the entrance we saw the beautiful, intricate Gothic carvings. All of which told a story, both serious and funny like a cat and mouse! The stone masons certainly had fun with their work, ( you can look them up).


Once inside, again everywhere you looked the Gothic style carvings looked down on us.

As we entered the main door my first impression was of large, beautiful, clear and bright stained glass windows. The biggest variety of colour I have seen in any cathedral.





Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the castle. The West and South wing were under renovation. They still wanted to charge us full price. How rude!

We then went on to Skegness and stayed the night in a B&B on the beach front. All very comfortable but, the bingo hall was a bit too close, noisy and monotonous. I thought it would never close. Why they think the entire beach front need to hear about the two fat ladies and all the numbers descriptions, I don’t know.

Louth was our next stop. A quaint village in the Lincolnshire wolds. It was market day, a very festive occasion, with stalls selling – well everything. We walked on to find the 295-ft spire, the finest, late gothic steeple in England, and learnt that in 1844, lightning struck it down.

The 295ft spire of St. James Church in Louth.
We then moved on to our last stop a B&B in Chapel St Leonard. Now this was a B&B to top them all. I only wish I took photos. The decor was out of this world, plush, comfortable, simply beautiful. But, what really blew my mind, was the vine orchard growing inside the dinning room. Beautiful sweet, no insects, just juicy grapes ripe for the picking.

The next morning after another full English breakfast, we made our way home to finish the next couple days of our holiday, relaxing.


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