We were joined at the belly button.

Here is the blog that I was asked to re-blog.

No I'm not black but I was born in Africa.

My husband is my soul mate.

I’ve just read a blog that started off with, “My husband is not my soul mate.” This is so sad!

What does soul mate mean? My soul’s mate? My mate’s soul? My husband’s mates with my soul? My husband’s soul is my mate.

Let’s stop there and think about the true or Historic meaning.

In Greek mythology, the androgynous humans, born with both male and female genitalia were said to have threatened the Gods superiority. As a result, Zeus – yes the same God who destroyed the Titans with lightening – decided it was not a good idea to keep humans this way.

He couldn’t kill them as they gave offerings to the Gods, so he split them in half.

This made the humans very sad, and in no mood to give any offerings at all!
Apollo, then sewed two parts together, but this…

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