Snow in Norwich, plenty of snow in Norwich!


We hadn’t  had snow for years and we missed it. In the past,  when it snowed a certain feel of excitement spread through the office and if you were lucky enough to be at home, well the excitement was tenfold.

Come March 2018  we had a different mind-set, when the worst snow storm, the ” Beast from the East”  hit Norwich.

Buses stopped running, schools closed and it was too cold to go out side. I was stranded at home. I couldn’t get into the office,  there were no buses and far too dangerous to drive.  I tried to build a snowman, or ‘snow boy’ as my hubby called him, but I was too cold.



Ok so I didn’t roll the snow. My Hands were too cold.



OK I really did enjoy being home and not at work although I had to take annual leave. But it was very cold,  below 5 deg. too cold to walk outside so we were housebound. We didn’t venture out at all.


We were lucky.  The carnage on the roads was extremely hazardous,  worse than I could remember. Every day the news showed more and more snow, more casualties and more accidents. UK was not accustomed to extreme weather, well not for a long time. We were not prepared.



I did venture out on the Friday but the buses were only running to the Bus Depot but I thought I would enjoy a slow walk into work. The road looked safe, if I stayed on the soft, slushy and dirty snow, I would be fine. But disaster! I slipped, jarred my hip bone and I have never felt such fear when walking. I was frozen to the spot, too frightened to take a step incase I lost my legs again. Every step I felt my foot slip. Under that soft snow was packed solid ice. I eventually caught a bus that ran closer to work. I had a cup of coffee and started planning my trip home. My husband had to drive in and fetch me. I should never have gone in to the office but It’s the fear of what will happen if you don’t.

It took days for me to get over the fear of going out in the snow again. The snow didn’t hold the same excitement. The next week I was on official leave. Most the time resting my sore hip.

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