All about the weight – again!

It’s the weight thing again.


For the last ten years – a life time, I have worried and stressed about my weight. I’m on the border of being obese.

I love the hat. Not very safe.

I love the hat. Not very safe.

So, “what have I done about it” you ask.

Weight Watchers cost the earth. My daughter – Michelle – and I started together. Over the same period Michelle lost two stones. Me? I lost two pounds. You might say that’s just not good enough, and I agree, it’s not. pulling on hair smallIt was a waste of money for me. I stuck to the meal plan like glue and my husband only bought shopping I could eat.

Fish chops & mushy peas.

u Fish chops & mushy peas.

But, not to give up, I then joined an on-line diet club, counted calories, down loaded notes, followed any advice from the forum and recorded my daily meals. And still, I lost only 2 pounds, put on 4 and lost 2.. My weight graph zigzagged across the page. Today, I weight the same. Sounds like I’m on a maintenance diet. It’s like going on a journey with a map, but ending up where you started. Frustrating!

I then joined The NHS health on line –

One piece of advice was to stop stressing about my weight as the stress alone can hamper one’s weight lost.
I stopped all dieting. I stopped recording my meals and weight. I stopped thinking and worrying about my weight. It took a while to train my brain to think of other things in life. I opened a blog and spent many, many hours creating it. And I lost 5lbs! I was over the moon.
I carried on reading all the interesting facts on the site. The suggestion, advice and general enquiries. It was all there.

I have recently been diagnosed with GORD (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease). It’s not a serious disease. In fact quite common, but I have it. And now I have made up my mind to hide my scales and concentrate on my new life – I have to change my diet, stop eating certain vegetables, cut out coffee, cut out artificial sweetness and no white bread only wholemeal bread. The list goes on. It is a life changing challenge.
Bye bye coffee!
I also read up on the blood diet and some of the suggestions for my blood type, support what is helpful in keeping my GORD at bay!

All my favourite foods.

All my favourite foods.

What I’m hoping is that by cutting out foods that re-activate my GORD will help me lose weight….and so we will see.

No stress.