What a sad Christmas this will be. No, not for the reasons you may think. What do I give my grand children for Christmas when all they want is small little games games games for their iPods?

Christmas Pile of excitement.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind buying what ever they want because it’s important that they be happy . And, we live in a technological world. My five grandchildren deserve what they want. But will they be able to understand that they will not find bright colourful presents under the tree when they come rushing down stairs?

And this is not just Granny bragging. Between the ages of 4 to 10 years old they are all very well behaved and loving children. Granny’s pride and joy and they all have very set ideas of what they want from Father Christmas.

Christmas A time for Children.
It’s me that is going to have a sad Christmas.

What is the most exciting thing about Christmas day? The food….always yummy. The company. Oh yes, Christmas always brings the best out of the adults as we sit and watch the children, their little faces flushed with excitement, giggling waiting patiently for the go ahead to start the onslaught on the huge pile of accumulated presents stacked under the Christmas tree. I would say it’s definitely the variety of shapes and sizes of the presents waiting under the brightly lite Tree.

The children will always say the presents. It’s what makes the day so memorable. It’s hard to say, but the younger boys, might rather enjoy the ripping open of the parcels opposed to opening the toy box!

And the tidying up, putting all the discarded paper and boxes in the big black dustbin bag. Eventually the children settle down…well quieten down a little, and enjoy the day filled with further excitement as the get down to play with their toys.

So what’s so sad about that Granny?

This year there will be no big piles of brightly patterned, Christmas paper strewn across the sitting room floor. No sound of ripping or gasps of excitement. No shouts of glee or little faces showing off their gifts to their cousins.

In June of this year, both my daughters sold boxes of unopened and un- played with toys on e-bay. Children of today are not interested in the traditional toys of the season. I hate to think how the toy shops selling for 5 to 10 year olds are going to fare.

No, this year all the children want are games games games. Tiny games for their iPods. And we all know how tiny games are. No more big presents under the Christmas tree this year or for that matter, future Christmas days.

Yes, Granny is going to have a very sad Christmas this year!

Do you think I’m being unreasonable?

On a lighter note.