Son in the sun..


Donni Rust thinking about his trip to SA.

This is a photo of my son taken in England last week. At this moment he is enjoying himself in sunny South Africa.

He arrived in Cape Town with nothing but an empty bag . Already he has bought, camping equipment, Texan steak the size of a breadboard and a tent having opted to camp and not stay in the pre-booked hotel.

His intention is to enjoy the HEAT, wear the least amount of clothes (no surprise there, he is The Naked Busker after all),  eat big steaks and visit friends.

I can’t wait to read these stories.





I’m Grateful!

What a beautiful sunny day yesterday. We spent our day with my brother Trevor and his Helen.
Was I grateful for the warm sun on my back, or the peaceful surroundings, or listening to the birds sing in the still trees or watching the horses in the paddock a few feet away? That would be all of the above.

But I can enjoy the company of Trev and Helen anytime. Rain, wind, snow cold or hot. I lived in Africa for thirty years, so I have probably had my fareshare of sunshine, and a hope to go back to Trev’s cottage again enjoy the horse and birds.

What I’m truely grateful for is that we can enjoy life.

We left South Africa ten years ago, this year. Everyone forcasted doom and gloom for our move. No jobs, housing costs, and the weather what was apparently going to kill us!

Well, negativety was never one of our traits.  Oh sure, we were worried, who wouldn’t be?  Hadn’t the experts  forwarned us?

We arrived. We all, that would be my husband Don, my son and mou got jobs. We had a home, a car and family. Oh sure we had our ups and downs. But we still go for our fortnighyly curry at our favourite pub.

So, this is what I’m most greatful for. Our positive thought when our lives changed at no fault of our own.